Alan Backdrop (IT)

Alessio Meneghello, alias Alan Backdrop is a music producer born and raised in 1984 in Padova, in the north of Italy. Whereas some artists get their inspiration from space, Alessio draws his inspiration from nature. His music is nonetheless atmospheric, deep and organic, regardless of whether it is ambient, electronic or Techno music. Spotted by German label and former booking agency Prologue that was fascinated by his podcasts, Alan starts as a music producer before devoting himself to DJing. Like Roger Gerressen and Tomas Rubeck, he distinguishes himself from other artists by his detailed sound design. Moreover, his versatility makes him special as illustrated by his raw and subtle releases on Motoguzzi, Enklav. and Ekar Records. Alan Backdrop has performed all over Europe in clubs such as the 414 Studio (Sofia), Tresor (Berlin), Crime Room Party (Lecce), C.S.O. Pedro (Padova), Phobic Club (Venice), Daze and Confused Parties (London), and Zukunft (Zurich).
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