Aijda Farag Saad (NL)

Speaker (Artist Manager)

Meet Aijda Farag Saad, a multidisciplinary manager known in the Dutch music industry as an artist manager and a creative project manager. Aijda's creative journey began as a creative producer, organizing exhibitions with national and international artists that received a great reception from the public and media. Despite achieving significant milestones, Aijda felt a stronger inclination towards talent development, which led her to the music industry. In 2019, Aijda embarked on her career as an Artist Manager. She manages sor, a multifaceted artist, and supports him during major events such as his latest music project 'Bae Doven' and the sold-out show 'sorkest/sorchestra,' which includes a musical short film. This album led sor to win two Dutch Edisons in the "Hip-hop" and "Album" categories in early 2023, creating a paradigm shift in the Dutch music industry by blending hip-hop and classical music. Aijda firmly believes that love and conviction are the driving forces behind a successful project. She disregards success metrics and trends based on streaming numbers, as they are outcomes that do not align with the essence of art and vision. The emotional impact and joy that an art form contributes to culture are the primary factors that Aijda values, leaving a lasting impression for a lifetime. It is this belief that motivates and inspires Aijda to make cultural contributions every day. Aijda Farag Saad connecting the dots with love between music, art, fashion and people.

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