Aijda Farag Saad (NL)

Speaker (Artist Manager, Custom Made Agency)

A multidisciplinary manager, known in the Dutch music industry as an artist manager and a creative project manager. Next to the two respective roles Aijda has also been appointed as a scout for an art culture foundation (Cultuur fonds). Aijda’s creative journey was ushered in as a creative producer. This led her to organize
exhibitions with national and international artists that received a great reception from the public and media. Despite the milestones, Aijda felt she wanted to focus more on talent development which led her to the music industry.
In 2019 Aijda joined Custom Made Agency and launched her career as an Artist Manager. The Agency based in Amsterdam, is home to many artists such as Kalibwoy, Valsbezig, Jimmy Huru and many more and which Aijda served as a creative project manager. However, her biggest project to date; sor – a multifaceted artist which Aijda manages and supports throughout major events such as ‘sorkest’, ‘ Maestro’ and his latest project ‘Bae Doven’ which includes a musical short film. These endeavors created a paradigm in the Dutch music industry that clashes Hip-hop and classical music. Aijda believes that through love and conviction a project will pay off. Disregarding the metrics of success and trends which are valued by streams as this is a result and not conducive to the art nor the vision. The feeling and joy that an artform contributes to the culture is a primary factor, which will be remembered for a lifetime. This is what drives and moves Aijda to deliver to the culture every day.

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