Adultnapper (US)

“Adultnapper” is a shadowy figure drawn from the dark reaches of Francis Harris' imagination. Born in Las Vegas, raised on punk rock, and schooled in philosophy, Harris went from “hating dance music,” to establishing himself as a DJ/Producer with a unique sound and a global audience. His often introspective productions, which have appeared on Audiomatique, Nummer, Mule, Dirt Crew and Superfreq, defy convention; relying instead on a sophisticated, song-based approach, marked by elaborate swung micro-rhythms, thick musical baselines, complex arrangements and haunting tonal melodies. As a DJ, primarily mixing records, Harris employs precision skills and thoughtful programming to expand upon Adultnapper’s sonic terriitory, earning him turns on the world’s most discerning dancefloors; DC10, Ibiza, The End, London, Cielo, NY, Weekend, Berlin, Pawn Shop, Miami, and Avalon, LA are just a few that he’s taken on one of his trademark emotion-laden rides. In 2007, Harris launched Ransom Note, a concept label which, through music, text and imagery, will tell the story of the Adultnapper character, an anti-hero who is part creative genius gone awry, part tortured dystopic philospher, part paranoid vigilante outlaw… and part Harris himself.
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