A.Professor (ES)

Spanish Dj & Producer involved in Techno scene since 1995. Dj skills include playing 3 decks and also known by his 4 decks projects together with Dj Murphy & Paula Cazenave. He started playing back in 1994. Always focused in Techno music from the very beginning, so he has seen how the scene and music itself have been changing, splitting into different styles and eventually going back to the roots along this twenty years. Always trying to learn and adapt to his style the best things from each movement, now we can say he can flow smoothly from dark to light and from hypnotic to rough beats along his sets handling 3 decks and dropping samples on top live. He played at many of the most important spots in Techno scene all over Europe along this 20 years career. Festivals like Awakenings (Holland), Klubbers Day (Spain), Liberty White Chronicles (Belgium), Techno-Flash (Spain), Eco Festival (Slovenia), La Nuit Rouge (France), Aquasella (Spain), DreamBeach (Spain), Endless Festival (France), Eldorado Circus Show (France)... and some of the best clubs in Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Czech Rep., Brazil, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany… As a producer, besides his more than 20 releases, he is mostly known for his work with Paula Cazenave as Daisychain, specially for creating the top selling dancefloor killer "Mamasei" back in 2009, which is already a "classic" for groove lovers. Now he is more into a different sound, going back to his roots and slowing down the bpms with darker feelings. He is also involved in two different projects. First with Paula Cazenave as Daisychain, offering a 4 decks show full of groove and energy. And also his project with Dj Murphy, playing a 4 decks show all over the globe where they combine two different ways of mixing, full of scratches, fx and crazy skills to offer a unique performance.
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