WE BELIEVE THAT SPREADING THE LOVE FOR MUSIC, ART & IDEAS CAN UPLIFT ATTITUDES, CHANGE LIVES, AND ULTIMATELY OUR CITY.‍Located on the bustling Leidseplein, the center of Amsterdam, Lovelee is a Young Cult Club that connects people through Music, Art, and Ideas. Lovelee is a discotheque, creative hotbed, art gallery, and concert hall. Lovelee curates a diverse and vibrant program, from concerts to club nights, exhibitions to live performances, and now also a radio stream. Lovelee has a strong focus on facilitating and creating an inspiring platform where young-hearted artists can explore, discover and cultivate their talents and ideas. Lovelee welcomes people from all walks of life, where it is less about where you are from, but more about where you want to be.

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