Oi! presents Skream b2b Benga & more

Oi! presents Skream b2b Benga & more

On Wednesday, October 16, dubstep and grime club night Oi! returns to Paradiso during ADE after a seven-year absence. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Oi! which will be celebrated with a reunion behind the turntables of childhood friends Skream and Benga, two pioneers within the dubstep genre. In the past decade they expanded usual dubstep sets to genres like house and techno, but this night they return to their roots with Neffa-T, Brutuzz, Oi! founder Gomes and Drew MC on the lineup.

Skream - real name Oliver Dene Jones - began his career at 15 as an employee at Big Apple Records, a record store in Croydon known as the epicentre of the early dubstep scene. After a string of singles, his debut album “Skream!” was released in 2006, one of the most influential works of the early dubstep era. Jones is also known for his 'Skreamizm' album series, 'Outside The Box' and the 'Magnetic Man' project with Benga and Artwork.

or Adegbenga Dejumo is also known as a pioneer of the dubstep genre and his career began at Big Apple Records. His productions caught the attention of DJ Hatcha, who worked at Big Apple. In 2002, Benga's first track “Skank” was released and since then he has more than earned his stripes. In 2006, Benga's debut album 'New Step' was released, followed by 'Diary of an Afro Warrior' just two years later. His third and latest album 'Chapter II' was released in 2013.

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