Deep Tech Los Angeles x Purple Tea Records Label Showcase

Ladies and gents, gather 'round for a night of unparalleled sonic debauchery! We've got a soirée that's hotter than a saxophone solo on a sweltering summer night, and it's all going down at 50:HERTZ in the heart of Amsterdam's Rembrandt Square during the illustrious Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

Picture this: Deep Tech Los Angeles and Purple Tea Records, the titans of tech house wizardry, have joined forces to bring you a label showcase that'll have you grooving like it's the end of the world. And leading the charge into the night's electrifying abyss is none other than the headliner, the maestro of the decks, the sonic sorcerer himself, D.Ramirez!

But hold onto your ruffled shirts, my friends, because we've got a line-up that'll have your eardrums begging for mercy. Joining us on this mesmerizing journey through the deep, we've got Tobeck, Redux Saints, Divine (NL) , HeyDoc!, Sirona, Salvione, Placebo eFx, and Carly Carmen. These musical virtuosos are set to turn the dance floor into a frenzy, where beats are currency and basslines are the law!

So, what can you expect? Unstoppable grooves that'll have your feet in a hypnotic trance, basslines so deep they'd give Jacques Cousteau a run for his wetsuit, and a visual spectacle that'll make you question the very fabric of reality itself.

But here's the cherry on top: the event will be recorded live and aired on Salvione’s Elevated Radio. Don't miss your chance to be part of the action, as this epic showcase will reach the ears of over 2.5 million electronic music aficionados in 8 Countries across 25 different stations, including Cafe Mambo Radio, Select Radio, and Data Transmission.

Get your dancing shoes ready, your senses primed, and your soul prepared for an auditory journey like no other. This is Purple Tea Records and Deep Tech Los Angeles at ADE, and it's going to be an experience that'll leave your mind spinning and your heart pounding like a bass drum on steroids.

Remember, it's all happening at 50:HERTZ in Rembrandt Square during ADE, so don't be the one left out of this transcendent musical odyssey. Grab your tickets, tell your friends, and prepare to surrender to the groove. This is not a party; it's an epic voyage into the heart of electronic ecstasy, and you won't want to miss it!

50:HERTZ House & Techno Cafe Rembrandt Square

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