CLUB RAUM presents Spatial Odysseys

CLUB RAUM presents Spatial Odysseys

Alexandra Martens Serrano (installation)
Noah Cohen (installation)
Fulmine (concert/performance)
Sophie Guisset (ongoing performance)
R3LN4CHT (panel talk/performance)


LYDO will have their world live premier at CLUB RAUM. Lydo is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. As a resident DJ of BASEMENT NY, their distinctive sets explode the parameters of techno, deftly cutting across genres while retaining a highly personal emotional resonance. Whenever Lydo plays, it’s best to leave your expectations at the door and simply prepare for an unexpected array of sonic thrills, ranging from visceral and grooving to mind-bendingly experimental.


R3LN4CHT is creating a series of works on critical spaces, in which they question the focus on 'safer spaces' and explore alternatives. According to the online dictionary Marriam-Webster, the "safer space" is meant to be without prejudice, conflict, criticism or potentially threatening actions, ideas or conversations. The rules surrounding these safe spaces are meant to be ground rules insocial interactions and limit the potential in experiences by framing them as "negative. Critical spacesrecognise the possibility of queer forms of ethical transgression and are meant to be a place for growth and change. It is a space where friction, discomfort and confrontation are allowed. For ERRATUM, R3LN4CHT will collaborate with CLUB RAUM to explore critical spaces. They will do this in a talk, “Beyond The Safe Space”. That starts with a quick conceptualisation of safer space. However, they will zoom in on the limitations of the safe space and how we need alternating spaces next to the safe space for inclusion and queerness. They will explore these alternative spaces in an interactive activity with the audience.

Sophie Guisset - Plus One
A 1-to-1 performance by Sophie in which she talks to the spectator about intimacy, (sexual) fantasies and voyeurism. Sophie is into cruising aread and while making a puzzle she talks to a spectator about their experiences in the cruising scene (if at all).

Fulmine - Rebecca Solari

A feminist, pop-rock concert, which includes the artists' experience of being hit by lightning (fulmine in Italian).


A queer nightclub in Amsterdam

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A queer nightclub in Amsterdam

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