TikTok opens the door of its musical hub at ADE

Tuesday, 03 October 2023
Being one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world, TikTok undeniably plays a vital role in the music industry, fundamentally changing how many musicians approach their path to success. Therefore, a collaboration between ADE and TikTok is a natural step. So leave it up to TikTok to teach ADE visitors a thing or two about how to spice up their music marketing. That’s why this year the online platform steps up its game, and hosts its very own musical hub on ADE Thursday from 13:00 to 17:00 at Koepelkerk, treating attendees to in-depth panel sessions with speakers from major labels and workshops by renowned artists.

Workshops to boost your marketing skills

Curious about how TikTok Ads can amp up your marketing game? Well, you're in luck! Hosting several inspiring workshops, the platform gives all the ins and outs on how to do just that. Discover the benefits of TikTok ads and how to integrate them seamlessly into a marketing strategy with the workshop ‘TikTok Ads Unleashed: Elevate Your Music Marketing’, and in the masterclass ‘How To Make The Most of TikTok’ the social media’s music team covers a deep dive into the new product features for artists to build online audiences and improve engagement with viewers.

Panel discussions to hear all the tips and tricks

Electronic music is an incredibly fast-growing genre and on TikTok alone, the hashtag #ElectronicMusic has over 8 billions views. At The TikTok Hub, big industry names including acclaimed producer and DJ Alan Walker, SVP of A&R at Atlantic Records Gina Tucci, Deputy Editor at MixMag Megan Townsend and Giulia Lizzoli and Charlotte Stahl of TikTok will talk about how the platform plays a role in supporting this growth during one of the panels. The discussion explores the current state of electronic music and how artists and their teams, labels, and promoters can use the platform to generate buzz and build audiences.

On top of all that, hit producer and DJ Alan Walker presents a unique and intimate pop-up experience to celebrate his latest release. A one-day-only event featuring various guest artists and unreleased music, serving as the conclusion to his recent campaign collaboration with TikTok.