Buma Music in Motion x ADE

The largest conference on music in film, games, advertising and television in Europe will take place this year on the 19th of October. This year the conference will be taking place within the official ADE programme. We offer an extensive program with workshops, networking sessions and keynotes. We’re committed to delivering media-music's most exciting thinkers, movers and shakers for the BMIM x ADE Conference.

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Keynote speech: Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

How do you create an original soundtrack that keeps the audience on edge? And how do you keep innovating that original soundtrack when the series goes on for more that four seasons? Composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein answer these and more during their keynote speech. With their hypnotising, electronic and bone-chilling themes they have crafted a soundtrack that is well known by TV-lovers as the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack. The Netflix series is beloved for its use of music, but it’s the score written by Dixon and Stein that really brings the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana and the characters to life. While their music for the early seasons focused on the timeless sound of '80s analogue synthesisers, they started to harness melodies and atmospherics befitting Eleven and Mike's interdimensional struggle.

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Remix Your Way To LA: A Trailer Remix Competiton

Put your production and remix skills to the test by remixing one of the most successful sync songs from the Position Music catalog! We invite you to download the stems and apply your years of knowledge and skills to
deconstructing, tearing down, twisting, and building back up the song in a way you feel would fit really well in modern-day film and video game trailers. The winners will be announced at the Conference and discussed in a panel by Jake Versluis (Position Music, US)

What can you win? Money, but more important you can win a spot in our LA Sync mission.

Join the trailer remix competition here

Battle of the Sync Managers & Music Supervisors

They will compete to fill a brief provided by veteran ex-Grey Group VP Josh Rabinowitz. The sync managers and music supervisors have just fifteen minutes to prepare playlists and present a track, and it all has to be done in front of a live audience. This dynamic panel format will give insight into the processes central to the placement of music – such as responding to a brief for music and selecting the right musical choices for your clients in a very short time!

- Patrick Cloherty (Sentric Music Group, UK) has worked with Adidas, Fortnite, Love Island and more.
- Connie Edwards (We Are Golden, UK) has worked with Range Rover and several Netflix productions and more.
- Aron van der Ploeg (Warner Chappell, NL) has worked for movies such as Afblijven and for Adidas, Heineken and more.
- Charlotte Stricker (CTM Music Publishing, NL) has worked for T-Mobile, IKEA and for movies such as Penoza and more.

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