Yannick labbé (DE)

What do you do when you have toured the world as a DJ during the past 16 years and produced an internationally acclaimed electronic-music-project for over 10 years? Right – you stop. Just to start over again. Until the projects’ death in 2014, Yannick Labbé was the producer and one of the two DJs that toured global dancefloors as Trickski, renowned for their unpredictable, extra-danceable DJ-style of mixing Rare Groove with Techno and House. Trickskis’ unique productions, fusing musicality with a raw electronic framework made bootys shake on a global scale. Today, after the project has been put to sleep, Yannick is ready to pick up the thread where he left it with his first release in 2004: 2015 will see a whole lot of solo-releases, remixes and cooperations.
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