Waveshaper (SE)

Waveshaper is a Swedish electronic music artist inspired by the soundtrack scene of the 80s early 90s. His sound is cinematic and melodic with a modern mix that reminds of the French House sound. He grew up spending a lot of time on Atari/Amiga and video games that clearly is represented in his tracks. Waveshaper emerged back in 2013 but the last couple of years has blossomed into one of the most well known artists in the so called Synthwave scene. In 2016 he released the album “Station Nova” on NRW Records and contributed with 4 original tracks to the PS4 / Xbox game “Furi” OST, alongside names like Danger and Carpenter Brut among others. With a gazillion albums and EPs under his belt already, Waveshaper’s rise to Synthwave stardom is imminent and if his most recent and universally acclaimed releases aren’t enough, just dig a little bit deeper into the Swedish artist’s discography to understand why he’s one of the fastest growing names in the scene. In 2017 Waveshaper has been invited by Urban Road Records to perform live for the first time in Amsterdam Netherlands. Representing the synthwave music genre during Amsterdam Dance Event at “1984 Night Arcade”. Completing an All Star line up that consists of Timecop1983, Robert Parker, Daniel Deluxe & Dj Devereaux 85.
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