Tracy Hamlin (US)

At age 11, Tracy Hamlin introduced her soulful voice before a curious crowd at the La Fountain Blue in Baltimore, Md. From that day on, Tracy knew she had a special gift, and her life changed forever. Little did she know then that she would travel the world as a lead singer, visiting places she had only dreamed of as a little girl: from Japan to South Africa. Now, Hamlin, the longtime lead singer for the award-winning group, "Pieces of a Dream", releases her first solo album, "Seasons" (DMH Records, LLC). The CD will feature performances by Najee on flute in "Sundown", James Lloyd (from Pieces of a Dream) on piano in the title cut and Paul Reed Smith (world renowned guitar maker) in "Ain't No Sunshine". For Hamlin, "Seasons" is a wonderful representation of her rich, warm sound that has attracted both R&B and jazz aficionados. In addition to her years with "Pieces of a Dream", she has shared the stage with such music greats as Al Jarreau, Boney James, Gerald Albright, Carlos Santana, India Arie and Joe Sample. Add to that her role as background singer for Howard Hewett, Miki Howard and Maysa. In recent years, Hamlin has distinguished herself as the lead singer on two highly successfully "Pieces of a Dream" CDs - "No Assembly Required" and "Love's Silhouette". Hamlin's career is built on a solid musical education foundation, which has played an integral part in her success. She developed her classical music skills learning how to sing in three languages - French, German and Italian - at the Baltimore School of the Arts. She topped off her musical training by studying at the prestigious Peabody Preparatory School of Music. Hamlin best describes her singing like this, "As a vocalist, I plan to keep delivering good, quality music from my heart, which is what you'll find when you hear my music."
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