Thomas Madvig (DK)

His career began way back in 1985 on various local radiostations, not least The Voice, Denmarks major commercial radiostation, which was a big part of launching his name. In 1989 Thomas began his DJ career, and in only a short period of time managed to make a name for himself, working his way through most of the clubs in Copenhagen at this time, including legendary X-Ray, clubs which had all come to learn about this new young talent coming up. Just when the focus on him as a DJ was at a peak, he choose to rap it up, and go to London to work as a presenter for MTV Europe. Here he spends the years from 1996 to 1999 as a presenter for MTV News and Select MTV. While I London, Thomas signed up with the dj collective Deep Blue Music in 1997 (currently behind London club NODISKO and more) which kept him busy as a DJ at underground events and clubs. Thomas returned to Denmark in 2000 and quickly began working for national Danish radio DR’s main channel P3. Building D’Store Mix, which was to become Denmark’s most important major distributor of quality underground electronic music. A radioshow Thomas, together with his partner Krede would take beyond the borders of the airways, by compiling and mixing 2 dbl CD’s for Virgin Records, creating a series of 1000 capacity parties, inside the official Radiohouse building and a festival of Nordic electronic music, called Public Service. A festival presenting more than 50 acts, to more than 3000 people. In 2000 Thomas also becomes part of creating and running Verydisco, the city’s internationally known Wednesday club concept, which kept the city partying for 4 years, and introduced the crowds to a huge list of internationally acclaimed DJs. Thomas returned to radio with the popular radioshow Madvig+Østergaard for 2 years on national P3 and moved on to work 2 years for TV2 Radio for the short lived life of the national radiostation and since presented the worldwide radioshow The Beatport 20 which ended in february 2010 and was distributed to a pontential 5.000.000 listeners all over the globe. Through his own company TKM he has been one of the countries most used voice-over artists, aswell as being a consultant and public face for DJ competition "Thirst" for Heineken, for which he also acted as head of Jury in 2007 and 2008. TKM also created and headed the succesfull Miller Genuine Draft DJ competition "Floorcontrol" in 2009. The last 3 years Thomas has been focusing on his own club and brand TS Bar in Copenhagen which since its opening in late 2009 already has become one of the most talked about bar/clubs in the country. Thomas has also returned to producing music and has already tracks coming out on Rune RKs Nightology label and newcomer Strudiestrasse Records, plus a remix for international artist Yoav produced with fellow DJ Le Gammeltoft and DJ Masssimo. Though he is closing up on his 40th birthday, nothing seem to be stopping Thomas Madvig from being a popular, positive and productive force in the clubbing and music scene of Denmark
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