Tatsuya Takahashi (JP)

Tatsuya Takahashi is Chief Engineer of Analogue Synthesizers at Korg. Raised in London, he has been with Korg since moving to Tokyo in late 2006. His roles consist of product planning, hardware engineering, and project management. He successfully launched the first analogue synth from Korg in nearly thirty years in the form of the Monotron. From such humble pocket sized beginnings, he went onto work on the Monotribe and Volca, as well as reissues of the MS-20 and ARP Odyssey and the fun Synth Kit (as a collaboration with New York startup, littleBits). More recently, he has worked on the all-new Korg Minilogue released at NAMM 2016. His work is driven by a mission to make synthesizers more accessible, more musical and more fun. The democratisation of synthesis is a common theme that runs through his work.
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