T.Markakis (GR)


T.MARKAKIS DJ/PRODUCER With over 20 years of experience as a DJ and with his captivating productions and performances T.Markakis is a rising star paving the way to becoming one of the world's most in-demand DJs and Producers. His studio productions, remixes, and DJ sets have captured the attention of a diverse global audience. T.Markakis AKA Tasos Markakis was born in Greece in 1986 where he also currently lives but spent most of his youth in Munich Germany, a city that fueled his passion for DJing and for crafting immense music, Inspiring him to share his unique blend of soulful, jazzy and deep house creations. With his expert production techniques, T.Markakis gained a massive fanbase within themore eclectic and melodic side of deep & soulful house music. Tasos Markakis's music has been described by listeners as being emotionally charged and truly inspirational. And it’s easy to see why as his music got massive support from global heavyweight DJs. Touring in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia with his eclectic selections and legendary mixing skills, T.Markakis has earned a cult following that includes a large number of celebrity DJs. He gets regular support from renowned DJs and Acts as they often feature his music on their charts, radio shows, and DJ sets. T.Markakis has released music on many large, internationally known record labels including numerous tracks and EPs that reached the top 10 charts within various Top House Genres

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