Stevie Stibbs (NL)

With (international) appearances at Club Air, Studio 80, Chicago Social Club, Solar Festival (NL), Solar Festival (IBIZA) and several other venues in the Netherlands, Stevie Stibbs is on his way up. Recently back from 6 months in Indonesia, having played Bali's finest clubs as Jenja and Pyramid to name a few. Through techy and highly danceable sets, he has made a lot of heads turn in the past few years. His dj career started around the beginning of 2011 when he entered the a DJ contest. From there on he gained the attention of several organisations and a few years later his presence is felt, especially when he produced some edits that got picked up by the likes of Mark Knight, the Cube Guys and Lucien Foort to name a few. Though no release has yet surfaced, he is now working on his debut EP.
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