Sanja (CH)

When superior music talent meets elaborate managing techniques, the result is this one of a kind mix, that defines the Croatian born Sanja. As DJ and producer, she inspires people with her vibrating sound. Although Sanja pursued a career in finance and business first, she could not help but follow her heart. After studying economics and establishing her own model agency BIBA Model Management, she was automatically drawn to the DJ booth. Her philosophy: Addressing people who share her vision, understand her passion and are filled with good vibes. For the thoroughbred musician, deejaying is all about energy. „Every night, every single gig is a new challenge. When I enter a room, I feel the energy of the crowd, of my fellow DJs, the location and I intuitively know, where the journey goes. You can`t describe it with words, only capture it with music.“ Within a short time, Sanja has earned a reputation in the business. She played in the most famous clubs and locations, e.g. in Ibiza, Cape Town, Shanghai, Dubai, Milano, Austria and Germany. She held a residency at „Carpe Diem“ Hvar and had her own party label at „Kaufleuten“ Zurich. As the official face of Street Parade 2013 she mixed the „Official Deep House Compilation“. Besides her success as a solo artist, Sanja realized projects as a producer together with artists from different genres. During her baby break she dedicated her time mostly to producing music,in which she sees a means of expressing herself with hardly any limits. All of her projects have something in common: Sanja’s character shines through her creative work. She is surrounded by an aura of mystery, that never appears unapproachable, but affectionate, strong and open. Her trademark is groovy basslines, spheric sound elements and a very melodious deepness, that characterizes her music – a vibrating mix of soulful deep and tech house. In German Sanja means dreamer. No other alias could describe the nature of this power woman better! Sanja – the name says it all. She lives her dream and makes her passion to her raison d`être.
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