Sam Bangura (GB)

Precocious talent Sam Bangura came all the way from the North West, near Liverpool, to explode on the London's scene at the age of barely 21. No great wonder, since he first started DJ'ing at 12. Hot wax love at almost first sight vinyl is what dragged Sam Bangura into playing in clubs. His style cannot be defined in one word, neither categorized as easily. Subtle sounds grow together into an hypnotic rhythm to build what can be described best as a story. That is the general aim underlying every set of his, to take people on a journey and then back to earth. Surely this goal was reached in each of Sam's appearances across town, from the Half Baked debut to the appearances at many people’s favourite Sunday morning afterparty, Keep On Going. From Raresh, Zip and Ben UFO to reggae, soul, funk and hip hop, his influences are many and they perfectly reflected in his strong music selection, making colourful variety its key factor. Sonic oddities are perfectly blended in with rolling basses and casual dark vocals. Sticking to only one specific sound would be a restriction, even more so when it comes to appreciating good music.
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