Ronja (NL)


Nothing is more fantastic than reality.”

This quote, by Federico Fellini, captures Ronja’s desire for expeditions into the everyday world; the desire to discover new landscapes through everchanging eyes - and relating these in words, images, and sounds.

Through her background in visual storytelling and anthropology, her experiences of traveling and living in various countries, and her keen interest in making the strange familiar, Ronja continues to push the boundaries of what she knows. This also applies to her music. Known for her high energy and genre-crossing music selection, her passion for storytelling and music mixology always shines through. Music, with its ability to transcend the spoken word, becomes its own language, and Ronja invites you to read between the lines.

Her DJ career started in 2019, first as part of a collective and solo since 2022. Her gigs have taken her across the world, from The Netherlands to Germany, Spain, Italy, Thailand, the United States, and Burning Man, and she is excited to be a part of Amsterdam Dance Event again.

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