Romain Pissenem (FR)

Speaker (High Scream)

High Scream is the acclaimed production company run by visionary French creative, Romain Pissenem. Founded in the early 2000s in Paris, the immensely successful company has produced innovative, headline-grabbing events for a huge range of clients, specialising in the design and actualisation of music entertainment events, venue fit-outs and touring shows. From the biggest names in dance music like David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Avicii, to the world-famous Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and Hï Ibiza to household names like Walt Disney, the Arab World Institute and the RTL Group, their unique ideas and passion for events reaches far and wide. With a background in theatre and production stretching back to his teenage years, Pissenem was an independent show director for many years before founding High Scream. His desire to start his own enterprise was influenced by the likes of Quentin Tarantino, who set up a production company to produce his films and have complete creative control over them. Taking the magic of theatre as the central inspiration, High Scream built its name through creating experiences for the public, bespoke in design and concept, universal in authenticity and wow-factor, environments where the crowd and performers become one fluid entity, fully immersing people inside the creative vision of the event. Particularly in the electronic music field, this approach became hugely influential and helped the company’s reputation spread like wildfire. Super-club Ushuaïa Ibiza became their first major client, with Pissenem and his team developed the venues sensational themed partie. From there, High Scream’s client list grew to include Fun Radio, White Dubai, CHROMA Club Korea and La Folie Douce Hotels, the design and build for famed super-club Hï Ibiza plus many other world-leading venues, festivals and private events— all the while his team growing to 20 permanent staff and over 100 global team members responsible for design, content, logistics and advancing all the technical aspects.. Pissenem’s approach is simple when it comes to creating events: “As a chef in the kitchen, I choose the best ingredients and mix them.” From David Guetta’s world tour to French radio network Fun Radio’s arena shows for up to 20,000 people, no challenge is too big for him and his talented team. His proudest achievement with High Scream to date? “The next show.”

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