Rob Black

Rob Black (NL)

Artist - 2019
Rob Black. The name of a very talented DJ. With over hundreds of hours of spinning experience in the Amsterdam party-scene Rob is storming through the most prestigieus and succesfull clubconcepts. The eclectic melange of sexy and raw music is what makes Rob Black a serius trendsetter on the dancefloor. Rob makes his own genres by mixing diverent styles in each other: House, Bass, warped R&B, Trap and HipHop. It isn't a miracle that the born and raised in Amsterdam star finds his way to clubs like Air, Bitterzoet, Jimmy Woo and Paradiso and has his residencie at TikTak and Vunzige Deuntjes.
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Previous editions –
  • 2018 &
  • 2012
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