Reza Athar (NL)

Reza is co-founder of the Horizon parties, and without a doubt one of the most serious talents in Holland to be reckoned with. His Horizon parties were created to invite DJs who have an international cult status, but don’t get booked as often as they should in Amsterdam. In the first year Horizon has booked DJs as Trevor Jackson, Chloé, Jennifer Cardini, Ivan Smagghe, Ewan Pearson, Tim Paris, nd_baumecker & Massimiliano Pagliara. Artists who haven’t chosen the most obvious path and have always been connected to underground music. As DJ Reza believes in moods and atmospheres. Mind & body dancing is the biggest precedence in his musical philosophy and sets. His goal is to surprise people with music they aren’t too familiar with. Last year Reza’s mixes were picked by a number of taste making podcast & mix series, as Throne Of Blood, Disko Selectors, THUMP/Vice, Balearic Social & Clandestino. He also made his debut in the legendary TrouwAmsterdam this year, which was an important milestone for him.
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