Rebelion (GB)

'Rising to the top of their Empire, Rebelion is a Scottish duo based in Holland. With a real ‘bring it on attitude’ they will destroy any stage put in front of them. They proved it with some huge bookings including Hard Bass, QAPITAL, Defqon.1, Reverze and Supremacy to name a few! Two hugely successful albums under their belt and the official QAPITAL 2019 anthem, Rebelion has showed no signs of stopping their relentless progress and passion for the harder side of music. From tracks such as ‘Bring it On’ with Sub Sonik to the newly released HIT 'Rampage' they show that they are multi-dimensional artists who can cover the whole spectrum of intensity. This is proved a successful ingredient as they have built a massive army of dedicated fans with their 'Rebel movement’. True showmen they focus solely on creating the best atmosphere possible with track selection, smart dj-ing & working their ass' of in the studio to provide the audience with an experience truly from the future.
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