Rafael Moraes (BR)

Born amid a vast and impeccable family music collection which He surrounded himself with from a very early age, music has always been present in the life of DJ and musician Rafael Moraes. Thanks to an intimate familiarity with music, literature and art added to the attendance of shows, festivals and contact with artists such as Elis Regina and Tom Zé, gradually emerged his own way to give an outlet to his latent passion for music. However it was a period of two years spent at the Universidade Livre de Música Tom Jobim(Tom Jobim University of Music) that initiated the construction of a more solid and consistent base along with a polishing to his musical background which would act as a type of alibi and passport for the radical decision he would take years later when he decided to close once and for all the huge books that dealt with history, economy and science and finally abandon the social science course at PUC in São Paulo, from which he was graduating. In this period at the beginning of the 90`s,he began to rehearse for his solo flight as a DJ and percussionist accompanying musicians and groups from various musical styles and renowned artists like Paula Lima and Elza Soares. The identification with black music was already obvious at that stage and along with the time spent in studios and at radio stations with musicians and producers came to be the next steps in the future design and give direction to the road he would travel in life. In 2003, He was invited by the São Paulo radio station Eldorado FM, to take command of the program Beats Eldorado, the program mixes genres of modern electronic music like nujazz, broken beat, future soul and house music. Due to the good taste and demands of his listeners, many heavyweights from the worldwide Deep House scene have graced the program with sets and exclusive interviews. As a result of his intense dedication and constant trips abroad another invitation came up, to produce an international radio show, and so in 2007 the “Nomumbah Radio Show” was born. Carried by Push FM, Smootrhtraxx, Paris1Deeper and Motion FM, the show airs in London, Paris, Greece and Canada. Living in the Brazils main cultural centre DJ Rafael Moraes can be seen playing in mainstream clubs such as Pacha,Disco, Royal,Museum, and also on underground clubs as D Edge, Lions and Vegas, amongst others. Besides regularly playing in the principal Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Trancoso (Taipe New Year’s Party), Ilha bela (DPNY), He has played in the United States (New York, Miami, San Francisco and San Diego) Europe (Paris and London), Canada (Toronto) and South America (Buenos Aires). In the last 6 years he has participated in the Winter Music Conference, a festival which each year takes place in the last week of March in Miami, where he has played at such parties as Loveslap/CityDeep Records, Yoruba/Aquabooty, 3Degrees Global, R2 Records/Push FM, and others. In the studio he is one of the three members of the project Nomumbah, along with Ale Reis and André Torquato. The music created by the trio mixes elements of jazz, broken beat, Latin rhythms and deep house, whilst at the same time capturing the essence of the beauty of Brazilian culture giving the group a quality that few manage in the world of electronic music. The album “Love Moves”, released by Yoruba Records in 2007, received praise and support from DJs like Louie Vega, Henrik Schwarz, Atjazz and Jazzanova with tracks included on internationally renowned compilations such as Defected In The House, Soul Heaven In The House and the New York club Cielo vol 05. These many talents have allowed DJ Rafael Moraes to share the decks in Clubs and on Radio with DJs and producers like Osunlade, Timmy Regisford, Jazzanova, Karizma, Abicah Soul, Ian Friday, Carlos Mena, Charles Spencer, King Britt, Tortured Soul, Benji B, Wagon Cookin’, Victor Simoneli, Jamie Thinnes, Halo Varga, Duane,as well as many more. His entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that he has become one of the biggest names in Brazilian Deep House, with a strong international image through his productions, helped him create two of the main nights specialized in the genre. The first is the well known party “Sunday Sessions”, a mixture of rare grooves, future jazz, broken beats and deep house that in more than three years of existence has brought some of the most important names in the scene to the city which has contributed to help consolidate the name of the party and the São Paulo underground scene. The same has happened with the monthly party “GoDeep!” based in the purest Deep House.
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