Peter van Zwieten ()

Serves as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since May 2011 and has been employed by Ballast Nedam since 1989. He has held various financial positions in various business units and departments, both nationally and internationally. Within Ballast Nedam Peter promotes cross-sector co-operations and innovation. Ballast Nedam maintains good contacts with ID&T since 2013 on the basis that both parties practice similar principles. By creating festival grounds, project locations and construction sites both parties build temporary 'cities'. ID&T in his role as an event organizer, Ballast Nedam as a construction company. ID&T applies his temporary "cities" to Celebrate Life while Ballast Nedam applies her temporary cities to work in the built urban environment in which we live and move. The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) sector (i.e. events) can be seen as small and temporary cities; an ideal ‘test site’ for urban innovations. Also both parties can innovate on equal aspects, for instance new building site products which can be applied by both parent companies as well as third parties.
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