NXNY is a sanctuary where music transcends just rhythm and beats, where hearts are opened, where fear is left behind, and listeners journey into the beyond…Hailing from NYC, DJ NoDoubt + Xavier Murillo are NXNY. In 2008, the two graphic designers-turned-DJs embarked on a journey to fuel their creativity during their time spent designing at popular creative collective Artek in Manhattan's Midtown West area. Their interest and passion for new music naturally evolved into curating it with their own vision - While their musical taste isn't limited to any genre in particular, their deep passion and natural gravitation for house music, electro sounds and rare mash-ups have largely propelled their sound. In 2010, Xavier and NoDoubt began creating their own mixes for fun which caught the attention of the local clubs, including a weekly residency at LUXE, a high-profile lounge inside Manhattan hotspot Lucky Strike. The two were quickly recognized for their diverse sets and progressive mixes, which have been considered by many to be truly dynamic and emotionally rewarding. In 2011, NXNY was summoned upon by Pacha NYC, one of the world’s most legendary hubs for house music. With that memorable performance under their belt just a year after their inception, the duo was certain that the sky’s the limit for NXNY.. Today, the duo is producing remixes and independent tracks while working hard to bring the NXNY brand to the level of sonic perfection their fans deserve. Last year their dreams came true when Robbie Rivera, legendary artist and founder of Juicy Music, recruited the duo to release on his label with their genre-bending Clara/Mundial EP, out summer 2016. NXNY has joined the international movement of dance music, and are quickly carving their name in the landscape, all the while making people stop what they’re doing to listen.
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