Nick Curly (DE)

January 1 sees him launch his ‘Between The Lines’ tour at the Cecille showcase at Mexico’s BPM Festival, alongside DJ Sneak. Perhaps it is fitting that his debut tour show brings together Nick, his own label which helped propel him to his current standing and one of his own personal heroes in the form of Sneak. ‘Between The Lines’ refers to the debut artist album from Nick Curly. Recorded in the latter half of 2011, it is scheduled for release in March 2012 on Cecille Records. Given his undoubted success in releasing dance-floor cuts, the somewhat slower feel of the album may come as a surprise to some, although the artist himself has always been ready to show a different face to his musical expression. “My main aim with this project was to capture an emotional feeling” explains Nick. “I brought in live instrumentation to give more sonic depth and I think the vocals of Rebecca Maas, Luca Sportiello and, in particular, Worthy Davis give the tracks exactly what I was looking for – ‘Piano in the Dark’ and ‘Underground’ being the examples I would highlight.”
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