DJ NiMe (NL)


NiMe is emerged from the first two letters of his first and last name. He started spinning records in the early eighties on 2 belt driven turntables with a simple mixer. Mixes were recorded on cassette tapes and played in the schoolyard where everyone hung out. First there was Hip Hop and Electro like Mantronix Public Enemy Kraftwerk and Yello. Then House Music came around the corner witch immediately blow his mind. House Music became his thing and passion for live, not a day goes by without House since. Then slowly but steady the parties started and the opportunity came to spin for a crowd. This happened in a youth center and village house at his home town Landsmeer. Still never really done much more than a few small gigs, partying and go out with friends was what's going on. But also always working on further developing to play records and melt them together in a nice mix when he was at home.

Years passed, but spinning and mixing house music is something that always attracts and remains his passion. So much he stepped out again in 2015 and took the stage. Organizing parties was also something he seemed to enjoy so he founded the Zaanse underground collective Z.U.C.

From November 2021 he started as a resident DJ at the radio station Amsterdam Most Wanted. He created his own radio show Reboot Sunday together with his friend and fellow DJ Steef Zweef. This radio show is broadcasted live every Sunday from twelve to two c.e.t. on all channels of AMW.FM.

NiMe tells, House music is my passion and part of my life since the very beginning, not a day goes by without house music. I started spinning Vinyl and later on expanded my material digitally. I like both worlds, spinning with vinyl is more tangible and gives you direct feeling with the music like playing an instrument wile working digitally you can use more tricks loops an other gadgets. I also combine both worlds sometimes, if the possibility is there.

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