Mitú is the electronic music duo of Julian Salazar (ex-guitarist of Bogota's psychedelic cumbia band Bomba Estereo) and Franklin Tejedor (a master percussionist of Palenque's great rhythmic tradition). Salazar builds dynamic and dance-inducing layers of sound on synthesizers and drum machines, which Tejedor matches with the alegre drum and occasional vocal improvisations in Palenquero, to create pulsing slabs of shimmering electronica driven by insistent roots rhythms. The analogue electro sounds are generated live, without the use of pre-programmed sequences from a computer, giving the musicians space for spontaneous interaction with each other and the audience. Says Tejedor: "We start with the drums and everybody connects with what we are doing. From then on nobody sits down. We don't look back, we go forward, like a horse".
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Previous editions –
    2019 & 2017