Michael Schack (BE)

Artist & Speaker

You might have already seen drummer/producer Michael Schack performing on big festival stages, in clubs, or concert venues in Europe, North/South America, Asia, and Australia as the energetic e-drummer with Netsky Live, or as a solo performing drummer/V-Drums product artist at music events and drum festivals worldwide. Or maybe you saw him in one of his numerous performance clips on YouTube. Thanks to a growing fanbase and buzz on social media, Michael is also making his name as a unique and in-demand solo #djdrummer, even far outside of his native Belgium.

“A super tight smashing drummer who fires his intoxicating beats on top of his live-triggered and inventively entertaining mashup mixes” according to some press. In his world, the drummer can also be a one-man-band, with Michael playing a fully live triggered, inspiring and interactive multi-genre repertoire on which the audience can truly rave and enjoy some spectacular drumming. Helped by the very latest developments in e-drumming technology, Michael’s drumming is all about a true #livebeatsrule impact.

Over the years, Michael has won several awards, has been nominated for “best clinician/demonstrator” in international drummer magazine polls and recently (Feb 2017) received the E-Drummer of the Year award for the third time! He’s also a popular affiliate instructor on drumeo.com and contributes to the development of Roland’s V-Drums and electronic pads since the early 2000s.

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