Menja Mist (NL)

The daughter of a Swedish Ambassador bringing a bit of class to the rejuvenation of Dutch techno. As Menja Mist Menja was a giantess who broke out of enslavement in an old Norse poem - she applies the native Scandinavian folk music in one of her newest productions, ‘Zeta’s Journey’, an ode to a long-time companion, her beloved Berger de Savoie, a rare breed of French shepherd hound, who passed away recently. This pieces epitomizes her passion in using these unique lyrical rhythms to uplift techno in new ways. “I seek to re-infuse techno with traditional ethnic harmonies that invoke deeper audience responses – whether that’s Indian tabla or Spanish flamenco singing. Techno is a genre that constantly thrives on new levels of diversity and evolution.” She calls her style Native Techno, both because of her musical veneration of native people’s traditions, but also because she’s helping reinsert some of the lost traditions of techno itself. Listening to her tracks, you’ll be enthralled by her unique style of weaving together harmonic influences to create surprising journeys that are dynamic, powerful and appeal to the bass lovers in us all. Her music is progressive and in her performances she prefers to weave tracks together rather than shift beats - a hallmark of experienced DJs who have the confidence to keep the audience involved in an unfolding musical spectacle. She’s proved herself with 12 years in France, where she toured with a custom 8,000lb Hummer kitted-out with 5,000 megawatt speakers. There she gained a strong cult following and supported names like Levon Vincent, Dan Ghenacia, and Mr C amongst others.
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