Marieke Samallo (NL)

Speaker (Milkshake Festival)

In 1999 she began as an executive creative producer for Now & Wow, a club in Rotterdam with a strong theatrical character where there was constantly space for innovation, experimentation and, more importantly, where visitors could be themselves. From that period on she developed concepts to keep exciting the night butterflies in Amsterdam.In the unconventional nighttime playground run by Ted Langenbach, she learned to think creatively: ‘We developed creative concepts and ideas that started with a message’. This is something she misses in the current nightlife and something she brings back to AIR with her own concepts, such as Milkshake festival. ‘I want to be dragged through memorable decor and entertainment in a playful way. I want to see things I’ve never seen before. That makes me happy’.She claims to have a strong allergy to limited ways of thinking and that’s why she thinks it’s time for a liberal festival where the above factors and more come into their own right. Like her favourite saying: ‘The time is always now!’

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