Maask (NL)

Read this with your smokiest commercial voice (in case of no can do, ask somebody else who can to read it for you). It started out on a rainy Tuesday in December ’97… When a random boy with long blond curly hair from the outskirts of Friesland (northern part of the Netherlands) buys his first 12’’ record... He listened to it all day long at home on his parent's vinyl player and he simply couldn't get enough of it… But during his daily routine of walking to school he couldn’t listen to the record :( All because of the fact that he had no walkman, no phone and internet wasn’t even close to the internet we know today. What to do?! He started to imitate the record with his voice, day after day while walking to school. Not knowing he was practising the art of Beatboxing, he Beatboxed and sang, just to listen to it everywhere he wanted. Finally he became the record himself and Maask was born! -- Maask is the ultimate vocalist/loopstation act. In his solo performance he uses his own voice and a customized 8 track loopstation to create full finished dance productions in a split second. He takes you on a journey from Noisia inspired drum & bass to Major Lazeristic dancehall to Whitney Houston ballads and back to Jazzy Ska. He is also a theatrical showman. With his clownesque stand-up skills he tries to disrupt his audience by fucking around with the clichés and customs of the pop and dance scene. In the past 2 years Maask played over 400 shows at almost every Dutch festival as well as countries abroad such as Germany, Belgium, Poland and Scotland. Maask is a true live performer so if you get the chance, go and check him out!
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