Lov (IT)

Lov is an Italian dj and producer preparing to make her impact in the London music scene with her talented musical nature, dominating voice and a lifetime of experience. Lov’s contradistinctive sounds and passion for external effects overwhelms her listeners. Lov mixes the relationship of genres due to her love of everything melodious and her tunefully trainers ears. An enthusiastic student of technically song harmonies and symphonic insight makex her a naturale accompanist. Lov progressed as a pop singer by her earliest inspiration Lady Gaga leading her towards the darker paths of hip & indie, where she learned the aggressive tones of Alt j. accompanied with her animus electronic awakening through dj’ s such as Daft Punk and Latmun, Lov became engrossed in club culture and made her own path. A graduate of the London subass academiof electronic music, plus her ministry of sound debut are indications of Lov’s approaching success.
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