Lena Rigel (RU)


An independent music producer and DJ based in Amsterdam, living and working in the Netherlands for 2+ years, who loves blending contrasts into a musical story. Her original sound usually dances around layered drums, vibrant distorted sequences, and harmonic vocals, while her sets go through an energetic blend of electro, tech house, and breakbeat. With a background in academic singing and a huge passion for music, Lena began experimenting with music production and self-released several electro-pop tracks. Aiming to evolve her craft and explore new styles, she mastered DJing and discovered a pure love for electro. For Lena Rigel, music is an energy exchange, and performing is a journey through emotions. She started creating live jams with various hardware production tools on a self-titled YT channel and launched a series called "Outpost E", which is a radio show set in a post-apocalyptic world. Currently, she is preparing another electro/tech house EP that delves into emotions influenced by different climate zones.

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