Laure Croft (NL)


Dutch-born, Berlin-based DJ Laure Croft lives by the mantra ‘keep it sexy’. When behind
the decks she takes approach for the moment of release in the most powerful dancefloor
experiences, when clothes come off and the energy reaches fever pitch.

This sensual attitude manifests in the way she plays – a constant rush of high-intensity
techno with little respite as she rips through a collection which spans the mid 90s to the
mid 00s. She’s no vinyl elitist, but in touching a pair of Technics she found an internal
excitement which was lacking from CDJs, where the tension around the mix and the story
embedded in the grooves of a record feed into the energy of the party. She glides through
her record bag after ceaseless hours of digging and selecting with an instinctive code
which defines her unique sound.

As her identity as a DJ takes an upwards curve, Laure views her path as a quest to
continually find the tracks which fit her particular creative vision, pulling together the pieces
of the puzzle from decades of techno culture carved into a near-infinite pool of uptempo,
forward-facing machine music. As a woman in a male-dominated scene, she also pushes
for a more inclusive climate on all regards, and considers her ever-increasing visibility an
opportunity to inspire and enact positive change.

With her husky Roxy (named after one of the first queer underground music clubs in
Amsterdam) by her side, she holds true to techno’s inherent futurism by creating
something new and ever-evolving from the already existing music she discovers and
blends. The end result is a sound which celebrates honesty and integrity in the face of
modern life’s rampant, paper-thin perfectionism.

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