Jordi van den Bussche (NL)

Speaker (JVDB Studios)

With over 15 million subscribers on YouTube, Jordi van den Bussche is best known as gaming influencer Kwebbelkop. Always looking to push the boundaries of multimedia, van den Bussche is also the founder and CEO of JVDB Studios, which focuses on empowering content creation with cutting-edge technology. He has lead the charge of virtual influencers with his V-Tubers Bloo and Kwebbelkop AI, both of whom spearhead two massively popular YouTube channels, and he is one of the founding members of videogame development studio Phantom Coast, who recently announced their innovative new videogame HELSKATE. With JVDB Studios, Jordi just released a revolutionary video translation and dubbing tool called DubDash, and he’s on the cusp of releasing Project V: industry-changing software that promises to create fully produced videos… with just a single prompt.

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