Kubus ()

Kubus is a dutch producer, mainly known as the man behind some of the most upfront and extraordinary hiphop productions to appear during the last decade in the Netherlands. Unlike other hiphop producers, Kubus’ roots go back to the early rave days, where raw analogue beats and brutal electronics melted together into something unheard before. It is therefor no surprise that his unique style is a fusion of techno, electro and hiphop. Throughout the years he expanded his own borders and experiments on a daily basis with some of the finest modular- and hardware synths, constantly in search of new, wicked sounds. it therefor comes as no surprise that his first solo album 'Kick-Snare-Snicker' really delivers! On top of that, production-wise, he constantly pushes his recordings into another stage of perfection – often using unconventional gear and techniques. Like a scientist in a laboratory.
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