Katrin Hall (DE)

Katrin Hall is an electronic music specialist. Hailing from Cologne´s legendary Studio 672, the hub of Kompakt and Sonig she came to Berlin in the early naughts, finding a home at Shitkatapult, the label of Apparat and T.raumschmiere. Only a few years later she would become one of Berlins´very own superbookers, the agent of techno dons Modeselektor and Paul Kalkbrenner - first operating from Magnet Musik, later founding her own Company Monkeytown Live with Modeselektor. She has managed Germany´s most notorious techno duo for a more than ten of years and most recently catapulted Moderat to chart success and sold out shows in venues like 02 Brixton Academy, Heineken Music Hall and Velodrom, Berlin. She also initiated Plus 1 a charity for refugees raising 100 k in the first year with donations made at clubs and festivals around Berlin. With a background in audio engineering and tech Katrin can also rig the heaviest stage lights in record time.
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