Julietta (DE)

When Julietta discovered the first House parties in the early nineties, Moodymann and Maurizio were two of the producers who captivated her so strongly that she began digging for electronic music by herself. Regularly she remained in miscellaneous record shops, always in search for some new chicago house and detroit records – at that time still without any dj ambitions. She did an interstation at the radio, where she moderated one of the first shows for electronic music throughout south germany. At the end of the nineties she had her first gig at the legendary Ultraschall in Munich, where she was offered a residency straight away. She always was an activist in Munich nightlife and over the years she already gained an excellent reputation far beyond the German borders – at renowned venues like for instance Panoramabar (Berlin), Watergate (Berlin), Robert Johnson (Frankfurt), Rex (Paris), Fabric (London), Eleven (Tokyo), Arma17 (Moscow), Flex (Vienna), Club 11 (Amsterdam), Bar13 (New York), Kontrol (San Francisco), Cocoliche (Buenos Aires), Cocoon (Frankfurt) as well as festivals like Love Parade or Sonnemondsterne. In the meantime, after almost 100 gigs worldwide in the year 2007, she counts besides the famous Harry Klein an increasing number of resident clubs in Europe. Her style varies somewhere between House and Techno with all its facets and stands out with a mind-blowing mixture of rare old and modern tracks. she has a specific intuition for the right record on the dancefloor, where she manages to build a set that hooks the listener until the last record. 2009 she founded the in-house label Harry Klein Records, together with the rest of the residents of the club. The first record was released beginning of 2010. The same year she was asked to become part of the eminently respected label Sushitech, one of her favourites for a long time. She is going to release a 2 x 12“ compilation together with Sushitech’s labelhead Yossi Amoyal in spring/summer 2012 and started to play for their label nights all around the world. Munich not being enough, Julietta was invited after various dates to join the London Half Baked Family as official resident alongside names like Seuil, Mike Shannon and le Loup.
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