Jill Kleinjan (NL)

Jill Kleinjan is born on 12 August 1990 in Gouda-, The Netherlands. Jill indulged her passion for music from a young age. She therefore decided to join a Dance Academy after high school. Jill did an internship at the Holland Show Ballet of RTL Wentink Events. After her graduation she registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a full time Dancer and model. Her humor and enthusiasm was prized and she participated also in some TV reality shows and commercials. Still main focus in her life was and remained always Music. How to make music? How to connect with audiences? How do you ensure that the public has the time of their life? She knew at that point, that she had found her calling. Make people happy, let people dance to the music, that she plays and produces. She spent all the money she earned on becoming a professional dj and a producer. Jill focuses currently on both the national and the international market. Jill has had the privilege of performing at some of the world’s best clubs, events, and shows. She played for Heineken House Sochi, in Texas,Turkey, Spain, Escape Amsterdam, Jimmy Whoo, Black Tie cruise terminal, Fashion High tea, Milkshake Festival, Wastelande, Blendfest, Dreamvillage, Gayparade, Walibi Holland, Kwaku Festival, Supertrash, Gilette, Bloomingdale, Bliss, Villa Thalia, Club vie, Viproom, Cinema, Westergasfabriek, Blendfestival, 1nul8, Cirqus, Harbour, and many more. Jill has developed her own house music sound. She puts all her creativity and enthusiasm in to her music. In her vision music is a way to get people together. 'Music is not what I do, it's what I am!’
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