Ivan Aballay (AR)

Speaker (Buenas Noches Producciones)

Ivan Aballay, founder of Buenas Noches Producciones) one of the top live electronic music production company in Latin America, putting up across multiple geographies - including New York (USA), Tulum (MEX), Punta del Este (UY) and Barcelona (ESP)
His born-to-be true passion for producing live electronic music events started at the age of 12th, handing out flyers, promoting parties and little by little, he began to produce events related to the skateboarding world, until he finally was able to open his first electronic music night club.
But the great leap was made when he founded BNP, taking electronic music industry to the highest levels in the country and in the Latin American market.
Being born and raised to producing this type of events has made him travel the world to attend many productions and festivals and given the chance to connect, partner and exchange with leading pioneers and the most innovative heads in the global events and hospitality industry and not so recently in the sustainability of events.
BNP is a family business, which has invested in the live electronic music industry for over 23 years. In the past five years, it produced the most crowed shows with more than 30 thousand people attendance from around the globe, with a technological innovation never seen before.
Buenas Noches Producciones along with the new brand created during the pandemic “OPEN LIFE” with a concept of technological innovation, sustainable and inclusive, do not stop growing at an unceasing rate.

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