Illmatic Mike (DE)

Without any hesitations you can call Illmatic Mike a legend among the german dj scene. He started his dj career in the late 80s playing in youth clubs. Shortly after that, clubs became aware of the newcomer and the Hippodrome in Mannheim made him the Saturday resident. Over the years Mike played in different locations as a resident and started to network with other djs to play in locations all over germany. In 1997 he started as the Saturday night resident in the Krypton Club in Heidelberg, Germany. In only a few months the club became famous for being the no.1 spot in south germany. Hated by the many, loved by a fews, the club was the location of choice for US-Soldiers based in germany, people from the nearby France(if you can call 100 km nearby) and of course the local party crowd. Mike rocked the crowd with the hottest joints and as a pioneer played the newest styles like Crunk(back then it was called dirtysouth) and/or Dancehall years before the rest of Europe should start to listen to these hyped genres. In the year 2000 Mike celebrated his remarkable 10 year jubilee in the Natrix, Darmstadt with over 2000 guests and at least a Dozen DJs behind the tables. He became one of the most booked DJs Germanys after joining Blackbookings, one of the biggest urban promoters in Europe, played for JamFM, a nationwide radiostation, on their parties all over Germany. So it’s no wonder he broke his personal record in 2007 by playing over 200 shows in a single year. And today? Well, Mike is still playing a couple of shows every week and had his first shows in Asia in early 2008. But the year isn’t over yet and there’s still more to come!
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