Haisu (NL)

Haisu from Amsterdam got infected by the psy virus around the beginning of this century. After some years he he got fascinated by deejaying and started to collect and play music himself. The Cosmic Combinations parties in Leiden, organized by his good friend DJ Yucka, where the first parties he played at. As this was well received by the audience he got asked to perform on other events around the Netherlands (among others LVC, Werfpop, Boom - Simplon, Twisted Trance Extractions – Baroeg) With Yucka, Haisu formed a collaberation with the name Innervisions and started organising succesful legal and illegal parties in and around Amsterdam. This slowly strenghtened his name in the scene resulting in several appearances in Hengelo, Groningen and Amsterdam. He played at Namaste events and also the legendary annual Bom Voyage Queensday party at the Droogbak in Amsterdam and last year at the famous Landjuweel festival in Ruigoord. Nowadays he is a well known dj in the Amsterdam psy scene playing frequently at Dutch Acid Family parties and Innervisions events, as well as numerous spontaneous squat parties. Haisu plays a balanced set of deep and groovy progressive to more full on twisted dark stuff.
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