Frederike Berendsen (NL)

Speaker (Singer, songwriter (FRÉ))

Frederike Berendsen is an Amsterdam-based singer, songwriter, producer and activist. As FRÉ, she has toured internationally and performed at radio stations such as BBC Radio, presenting her carefully curated, mesmerising take on pop music. Since the beginning of her musical career, she's tried to minimise the ecological footprint of her artistic endeavours, from touring to merch to distribution. In 2021, Berendsen, along with a group of artists, industry professionals and environmental scientists, established the Dutch branch of Music Declares Emergency, an international organisation calling for immediate climate action. MDE was founded in 2019 in the UK and grew into an international movement, with working groups in more than 10 countries across many continents gathering over 6000 supporters/declarers, including artists like Billie Eilish, Bon Iver and Radiohead. Most recently, Frederike completed her master's degree at the pop department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam presenting “a four step guide to reducing your environmental impact as an artist in today’s music industry” as her master thesis.

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