ETHEX is a name harmoniously blending the origins of her cultural and Western identities—melding 'Etherine' with the distinct 'X' from her Chinese name. In this unique amalgamation, there's also a hint of the word 'ethics', a nod to her unwavering dedication and commitment to the authentic essence of music. ETHEX’s introduction to dance music began in middle school, where she anchored the tunes as a keyboardist in a band. But it was during her university days and a fateful meeting with the Horizon crew, that truly saw her metamorphose into a DJ. Since then, she became a mainstay at Horizon events all over Scotland, taking audiences on her eclectic musical
journeys. While she often crafts sets infused with Scottish Asian undertones, merging pop and house to cater to the local taste, it's techno—particularly melodic techno—that ignites her passion. Her journey as a pianist/ keyboard profoundly shapes her musical philosophy. To ETHEX, melodies are stories, and rhythms are the heartbeats. She's a maestro who wishes to continually expand her musical horizon, ensuring every set is fresh, dynamic, and leaves her audience yearning for more.

With an insatiable thirst for growth, she's devoted to experimenting, and producing her own tracks. With every track she plays, ETHEX invites audiences into her world—a world where heritage meets innovation, traditions dance with modernity, and every song is a narrative waiting to unfold.

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