Ethan Heich (IT)


Ethan Heich’s background has always had a connection to music, his carrer as a DJ begins

in his home country, Italy. He performs in some of the most well known clubs Room26, Cube, Planet Roma, Tribe Village, Gay Village, Eden Disco and Globetrotter also at The Vault in London and at Technomisa in Barcelona.

His relationship with Ibiza starts in 2015, when he moves for the summer trying to get a place under the famous island’s spotlight where started producing his own music productions. Some of the best Tracks are: Drag On, Revolution ,Journey to the Sunrise Walking into the Darkness and Resilience.

In 2016 he meets his, manager and Friend Mariano Matutes creator and promoter of Ibiza Vibes, this is how he gets his first Residency on the island.He performs in Km5, STK, B12, Bora Bora, Es Paradis, Atzaró, Angelos, Tantra and many more.

At the end of summer 2017 he travels to Bulgary to perform in a two days festival in Sofia and Varna and is still playing around the world From Amsterdam ,Miami , Colombia till in 2018 he became co-fouder of Party UNDERMOON and he now shares the console with the best National and International Djs.

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