Hosting parties since 2011, playing techno since 2014. ENNiK’s love for techno began when he was introduced to the genre in Antwerp during the 2013 ‘’I LOVE TECHNO’’ indoors festival. Having only been hosting Drum and Bass and Dubstep parties prior to this event he was hooked straight away. This was the electronical music he had been looking for. At first his style was raw and industrial, much like the music he had been listening to. But over the years he refined his style to more melodic and groovy sounds whilst remaining a sturdy underground feeling. Since then he has been climbing to the top at a fast pace. Having already shared stages with artists like Industrialyzer and Secret Cinema. Further more he has played at large events like, DEFQON 1 weekend festival 2018, Young Art, Woodlands and ADM festival. Recently he also had his second international booking in Belgium during the Secret Garden after party. Apart from that he now is one of the hosts at the 50:HERTZ movement with his own monthly radio show which is featured on Deep radio and Diesel FM and ENNiK recently became the event manager of Minitech Recordings which host events on a monthly basis in venues like the legendary Paradiso and John Doe. ENNiK is a newcomer with a lot of experience who does one thing best above all: Getting a crowd ecstatic!
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