Eelkje Oldenburger (NL)

I studied Internationals Business at the Hanze University in Groningen. I started my career within the banking industry. The last 16 years I have fulfilled different managerial positions which are always linked to successfully apply change-and people management in order to increase profitability and the general well-being of her reports and or colleagues . In 2010 I studied Business DNA and Financial DNA which enhanced my consulting and coaching skills for corporations and individuals. The program used, draws on behavioral insights obtained from a DNA profiling tools. The last years I worked in management positions for a variety of company's in different industries with again the main goal to increase profitably. Personal traits; leader, manager, advisor and trouble shooter in the field of personal development, sales, efficiency, defining and cultivating trust, leadership, strategy, vision and risk. Thriving on challenges, outperforming, change and inspiring people. I want to contribute to the future by increasing and stimulating consciousness in the global market by working for sustainable businesses, whom inspire, promote and support a healthy life style in all her aspects. I embrace the philosophy of the circular economy and will do my utmost best to comply to this strategy. Working at HempFlax enables me to contribute to my mission in life. HempFlax is a social responsible and ethical company that gives back to the planet.
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